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Global lead metal reserves were 87.8Mt with Australia having the largest lead reserves globally followed by China, Russia, Peru, Mexico, the US and India.

Global lead mine or metal content in ore production was estimated to have fallen to 4.7Mt in 2018 - down by 0.9% over 2017. This was due declining production in China, Australia and the US. This followed a similar fall in 2017 when environmental inspections in China and Australia resulted in the closures of few operating lead mines and further hindered production during 2017.

However, Global lead mine production is projected to grow between 2018 to 2022, fueled by increase demand for lead acid batteries from the automobiles and electric bikes sectors, especially from China and the US.

Projects due to begin operations in the next few years include the Lucia project and Castellanos project in Cuba (2020), the Tala Hamza project in Algeria (2021), the Camaqua project (2022) in Brazil, and the Rosh Pinah project in Namibia (2022).

"Global Lead Mining to 2022", provides a comprehensive coverage on global lead industry. It provides historical and forecast data on lead production by country, lead reserves, lead reserves by country, and consumption to 2022.

The report also includes a demand drivers section providing information on factors that are affecting the global lead industry. It further provides mines and projects count by company by status, and by region, profiles of major lead producers, information on the major active, planned and exploration projects by region.


  • The report contains an overview of global lead mining industry inlcuding key demand driving factors affecting the global lead mining industry.
  • It provides detailed information on reserves, reserves by country, production, production by country, major operating mines, competitive landscape, major exploration and development projects, consumption, and consumption by country and major exportes and importers.

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