GlobalData’s Favorite Innovations of 2018 - GlobalData looks at its favorite innovations from this year, and what they mean for the future of FMCGs


2018 has seen innovative brands differentiate their products in a crowded marketplace by focusing on sensory excitement; functionality (through the use of ingredients, formulas, and production processes); packaging innovation (visually and more appealing); innovative and memorable marketing strategies and Innovations aligned with new technology.

Our industry experts have selected their favorite innovations of the previous 12 months and analyzed why they stand out in their ability to connect with consumers. These products and services provide inspiration for how companies across FMCG markets as well as foodservice need to evolve in the following year and predicts what characteristics winning products will have in 2019.

The report "GlobalData’s Favorite Innovations of 2018", includes some of the most innovative and novel products from 2018, which have been selected and assessed by analysts with a wide range of individual specialties. This unique approach provides insight into the sheer variety of innovation in the FMCG market and how the market may develop in the coming years. The 2018 report also provides some action-focused insights based on different innovation types.


  • Innovate in flavor and fragrance to create sensory excitement.
  • Adjust ingredients, formulas, or the production process to add functionality.
  • Use packaging to create more benefits.
  • Use marketing techniques such as on-pack marketing and social media advertising to stand out.
  • Target a gap in the market and reach a new audience with cutting-edge technology.

Reasons To Buy

  • Use GlobalData’s Favorite Innovations of 2018 to overview innovations that stoot out in 2018.
  • Gain insights and inspirations from GlobalData’s Favorite Innovations of 2018 to develop furture innovations.