The global market for Smart Gas Solutions is projected to reach US$23.5 billion by 2024, driven by the growing need for efficient utilization of energy and rising awareness over the importance of information management technologies in enabling intelligent metering, monitoring, measurement, and control of gas resources. Also driving growth in the market are factors such as growing global gas demand from 3,000 Mtoe in 2015 to 4,100 Mtoe by 2035 and the ensuing need for efficient distribution networks and billing system; spiraling shale gas production with technology developments promising to tap into the over 5,770 trillion cubic feet of technically recoverable shale gas reserves worldwide; robust demand for modular & integrated gas meters; increasing adoption of SCADA; increasing integration of cloud computing, IoT & artificial intelligence in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI); and rise of smart cities to over 170 cities from 85 countries and growing investments in smart distribution of utility resources such as electricity, water and gas. The scenario is driving increased investments in national smart meter programs, spatial management of transmission pipeline networks; on-site automation systems; use of intelligent metering software and cloud computing for gas leakage and outflow detection and identification of safety issues. Few of the benefits of smart gas solutions driving investments in transformation of gas networks include operational cost benefits that accompany automation; better energy planning as it offers real-time data on energy costs and related carbon emissions; provides opportunity for voluntarily reducing household gas consumption; enables implementation of multi tariff features to allow for better demand response management; improved profitability for utilities as it reduces the ‘costs to serve’; and helps governments battle climate change and achieve slated goals of energy directives. Europe represents the largest market worldwide, supported by favorable regulations and funding support that encourage adoption of smart gas solutions across the entire natural gas chain comprising mining, storage, transmission, distribution and final consumption. Asia-Pacific ranks as the fastest growing market with a CAGR of 22.6% over the analysis period led by stringent energy efficiency regulations given the fact that developing countries utilize more resources partially due to energy wastages and mismanagement.  

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Company and Industry News & Stories
  • Itron Acquires Silver Spring Networks in a Move to Deliver Value-Added Services and Outcomes-Based Solutions to Utilities and Smart Cities Worldwide
  • #With the Aim to Enhance its Leadership Position in Utility Markets, Hubbell Acquires Aclara Technologies
  • Enel Group Rebrands EnerNOC as Enel X in a Move to Integrate Enel’s Advanced Energy Solutions in North America Under One Brand
  • Badger Meter Snaps Up Innovative Metering Solutions, a Distributor of Badger Meter Products to Municipal Water Utility Customers in Florida
  • GRDF to Roll Out World’s Largest Smart Meter Network to Deliver Smart Metering to 11 Million Users by 2022

Product Definition & Scope
  • Smart Gas Solutions comprise Analytics and Data Management, Asset Management, Remote Monitoring, Geographic Information System (GIS), Network and Application Security, Network Management, Mobile Workforce Management, Outage Management, Billing, and Customer Information Systems. Advanced gas meter data management solutions deliver a well-organized and centralized platform for data exchange among all sections of the organization, which improves collaborative functioning of different departments, and ultimately translates into higher operational efficiency, productivity and cost-reduction. Smart gas meters are solid-state two-way communication devices that measure the consumption volume of fuel gases such as natural gas and propane at the consumer end at regular intervals, and relay the data through suitable communication networks to a control-center operated by gas utility and distribution companies for billing and further analysis purposes.

Timeline for Analysis
  • Market Estimates and Forecasts for 2015-2024

Geographic Markets Analyzed
  • US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America

Major Players
  • ABB Ltd.
  • Badger Meter, Inc.
  • Capgemini SA
  • Diehl Metering GmbH
  • Enel X
  • Holley Technology Ltd.
  • Itron, Inc.
  • Tantalus Systems, Inc.

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