Our "Blockchain in Metals & Mining - Thematic Research", analyses how blockchain technology is affecting the global metals & mining industry now, in addition to key trends shaping across the industry.

Blockchain and its associated technologies burst into the public consciousness in 2015 after a relatively slow build-up over several years. The technology is often referred to as “distributed ledger technology” (DLT) and it is a means by which the participants in a distributed network each maintain a copy of an immutable ledger of transactions, and where transactions can be executed without the need for a single, central coordinating authority. It allows organizations to transact business with one another without being subject to third-party control. However, this freedom comes at a significant cost.


  • This report provides how blockchain technology works.
  • It analyzes its impact on mining industry.
  • It provides specific explanations of how blockchain could change the way mining companies operate.
  • Key recommendations for mining companies and IT Vendors.

Reasons To Buy

  • Build understanding blockchain technology and its applications to metals & mining industry.
  • Find out which mining companies are most advanced in utilizing blockchain.
  • Key recommendations for mining companies and IT Vendors.
  • It identifies the key trends in this technology theme.
  • The report analyses the blockchain value chain by use case.
  • The report also offers a technology briefing, highlighting how blockchain technology has developed over the last decade and how it works.