"Competitor Landscape: Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD)", briefings contain evaluations of ongoing development activities within the GVHD market, together with analysis of current & potential future product positioning.

Key Highlights from the report -

  • Anticipated approval of ATIR101 is delayed both in the EU and US - with the postponed primary completion date in the ongoing Phase III trial delaying the expected US approval by 9 months
  • If approved, Ruxolitinib for use in combination with corticosteroids for the treatment of steroid-refractory aGVHD would make it the second drug to receive US approval for the treatment of GVHD after Janssen/AbbVie’s IBR
  • Incyte has not only delayed the initiation of Itacitinib’s GRAVITAS-309 trial, but significantly extended its duration (from ~2.5 years to ~4.5 years)

The report comprises four key sections.

Executive Summary: Contains analysis of key market events that have occurred during the period 10 August 2018 - 10 November 2018 which have impacted the GVHD landscape

Landscape Updates: Section contains the following analysis -

  • ’Order of Entry’ analysis, containing detailed timeline forecasts for each drug in Phase II development or higher, and timeline forecasts for each approved product’s lifecycle management initiatives.
  • ’Direction of Travel’ analysis for currently approved therapies, together with an assessment of initial market entry strategies for key pipeline candidates.

Approved & Pipeline Product Landscape: Section contains the following analysis -

  • An overview of pipeline & approved products, containing snapshots of current development status
  • Expected drug-specific events & milestones until YE 2020

Appendix: Data slides containing the following information -

  • Current Early Stage GVHD Pipeline & candidate ’Watch List’.
  • Timeline Assumptions, including standard assumptions & drug-specific assumptions.


  • The briefing is based on Sociable Pharma’s analysis of clinical trial data from company announcements (press releases, earnings calls) and clinical trial databases (
  • Sociable Pharma applies disease & drug specific assumptions in order to forecast US & EU approvals for drugs in Phase II development, or higher - these are outlined in the report Appendix
  • Forecasts are presented in pipeline forecast figures & detailed tables
  • ’Market Entry’ & ’Direction of Travel’ positioning analysis for pipeline & currently approved therapies is also provided.

Reasons To Buy

  • Provides details on forecast US & EU approvals for pipeline drugs in Phase II development or higher
  • Includes potential positioning strategies that companies may adopt for their novel assets once they are approved & launched in the market
  • Reviews ongoing lifecycle management strategies for existing players in the market
  • A detailed methodology allows you to understand the forecast assumptions made, enabling cross comparison with your own internal forecasts.