Key Findings
Employment screening is a type of the first line of defense for businesses, carried out to check an employee’s credibility before hiring in an organization. The global market for employment screening services has been predicted to grow at a CAGR of 7.91% throughout the forecast years of 2019-2027. The adoption rate of this services by the governmental organization is the most since their employee hiring procedure requires very diligent review as the new hires can be responsible for heavy secured work of dealing with personal information about their constituents.

Market Insights
The screening process helps recruit sound candidates with a history of positive feedback and have a lack of criminal history which automatically improve the work quality of the organizations or companies implementing such services, and such feedback can help drive the market growth for employment screening services. However, the employers are supposed to be very careful to circumvent any use of background reports that may result in serious cases of discrimination of the employees. This can be a hurdle that can restrict the screening process to be performed smoothly. The global employment screening services market has been segmented by its services and the applications.

Regional Insights
North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the collective countries from the Rest of World comprises the geographical segment of the global employment screening services market. Amongst them, the largest market share of X% is held by the North American region. Organizations across North America carry out the screening procedures that are regulated by government compliance law that protect both the candidates and the background screening companies, which is driving the regional market growth here. Conversely, Asia Pacific market has the fastest growth due to the establishment of employment screening companies in the second largest region after North America.

Competitive Insights
The major competing employment screening companies that are reaping huge profits from the global market are Insperity Inc., Capita Plc, Experian PLC, Paychex, Inc., ADP LLC, Careerbuilder LLC, First Advantage, Hireright LLC, Reed and Paycor Inc.