Britain’s tech sector is one of the primary contributors to the country’s economy and it attracts investments from around the globe particularly because of its fast-growing and cutting-edge technologies in the areas such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, and fintech.

Even amidst a range of various cyber-attacks, enterprises are investing in disruptive technologies such as IoT and cloud solutions. However, they are also prioritizing investments in security to secure their IT assets, as the UK government is supporting its National Cyber Security Strategy 2016-2021 with an investment of ?1.9 billion (approximately US$2.5 billion).

UK enterprises are keen on deploying leading-edge technologies to meet the growing security needs of IT, and are thereby investing in core areas of ICT expenditure, including hardware, software, and IT services. Moreover, UK enterprises allocated a major proportion of their average ICT budget to communication devices, enterprise applications, desktop services & user support, and broadband in the respective domains of hardware, software, IT services, and network & communications.

Likewise, improving operational efficiency is the most important business objective influencing the UK enterprises’ IT investment strategy, while industry expertise and service quality are the most important criteria for selecting an ICT provider among the UK enterprises.

"ICT Investment Trends in the UK", a Customer Insight Survey report, is one of the many products in the Digital Industry product portfolio, which provides an executive-level overview of the enterprise ICT budget trends in the country. The report presents a summary of enterprise ICT investment strategy in 2017, change in annual enterprise ICT budget allocation from 2017 to 2018, enterprise technology priorities, and analysis of ICT vendors.


It provides in-depth analysis of the following -

  • Executive Summary: This section provides key findings from the survey, and survey demographics.
  • Enterprise ICT Investment Strategy in 2017: This section provides survey findings on key business objectives influencing enterprise ICT investment, breakdown of enterprise ICT spend by business function, and key decision making entities for enterprise technology investments.
  • Enterprise ICT Budget Allocations - 2017 vs. 2018: This section presents survey findings on the annual change in enterprise ICT budget allocation by ICT function, by business function and by vendor type.
  • Segment ICT Budget Allocations - 2017 vs. 2018: This section presents survey findings on the annual change in enterprise hardware/software/managed IT/network and communications services budget allocations.
  • Future Outlook - Enterprise Technology Priorities: This section presents comparative survey findings on current enterprise technology investment priorities and over the next two years.
  • ICT - Vendor Analysis: This section provides survey findings on the most preferred ICT technology vendors for enterprises in the country.

Reasons To Buy

  • This customer insight survey report provides a thorough analysis of the enterprise ICT budget trends in the country, and strategic technology objectives of enterprises.
  • The report drives special focus on enterprise ICT investment strategy in 2017, change in enterprise ICT budget from 2017 to 2018, and change in ICT budget allocation from 2017 to 2018 by segment (including hardware, software, managed IT services, and network & communications), by vendors, and ICT functions.
  • The report offers detailed breakdown of opportunities within selected technology categories (IoT, business intelligence, mobility management, and cloud computing), and factors influencing enterprises’ decisions in selecting ICT providers.
  • The report also provides future outlook of enterprise technology investment priorities.
  • With number of value added charts and tables presenting the survey findings, the report is designed for an executive-level audience, boasting presentation quality.
  • The comprehensive survey findings on the enterprise ICT budget trends that the report provides, will help ICT product vendors, service providers and specialist outsourcers among other technology vendors in their product and promotional strategies and succeed in the challenging ICT market.