"ForeSights: Waterless Cosmetics", investigates a new generation of beauty and grooming products with minimal to zero water in their formulation. The concept also encompasses water-efficient cosmetics, which are products that require little or no water for application/activation and rinsing off.

Waterless Cosmetics, a disruptive concept that originated from the South Korean beauty industry, is revolutionizing the global cosmetics and toiletries industry, and gaining acceptance among consumers across the world. Water-free formulations offer manufacturers a new platform for innovation, and a novel experience for consumers.


  • The growing popularity of waterless cosmetics is an outcome of the large following of Korean pop culture, and the innovative Korean makeup routines.
  • Due to the lack of water in the formulations, waterless cosmetics are perceived to be more effective than conventional products , which elevates their appeal among discerning consumers
  • The water-free formulations also reduces the need for additives such as emulsifiers and preservatives, thereby paving the way for more natural and ’clean-label’ products that are gaining favor with consumers.
  • As water is not required for utilizing waterless cosmetics, these products offer unmatched portability and convenience, making them a very attractive on-the-go option for time-poor and mobile consumers.
  • Owing to the low quantity of water expended for manufacturing, applying and rinsing-off waterless cosmetics, these products are gaining appeal among eco-friendly consumers.
  • Early-birds among manufacturers can capitalize on the novelty of waterless cosmetics products to differentiate their brand and boost sales.

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