Key Findings
The expected CAGR for the Asia Pacific HAAPS market during the forecasted period of 2019-2027 is 7.32%. The Asia Pacific HAAPS market will continue to grow in terms of revenue and is expected to reach $xx million by 2027.

Market Insights
India and China are expected to have a rapid growth rate in the HAAPS market owing to their technological superiority, high R&D spending and large defense budgets. Political and boundary disputes among these countries are a major factor for the high amount of sales of platforms like UAVs. Also, due to the presence of a small number of manufacturing companies in this region, there is a vast scope of opportunities for new as well as established market players.

Competitive Insights
Top companies involved in the Asia Pacific HAAPS market are Thales Group, Aerovironment Inc., Elistair, Hoverfly Technologies Inc, Airbus Group Se, Tcom L.P., Alphalink, Augur Rosaerosystems, Bye Aerospace, Cyphy Works Inc., Lockheed Martin Corporation and Raven Industries Inc.