"Ingredient Insights: Salt Reduction", identifies on-trend and emerging ingredients to help food and drink manufacturers to adopt successful salt reduction strategies.

The food industry is under significant pressure to reduce the salt content of processed food products to help improve consumer health globally. However, this need for reformulation also brings significant manufacturing challenges given salt’s key role in providing flavor, texture, and preservation.


  • Globally, over half of consumers claim a tax or price increase on unhealthy food and drinks, such as those high in salt, would encourage them to buy less.
  • Natural ingredients are the top factor most likely to encourage consumers to choose one brand over another.
  • Taste, texture, preservation, and natural production methods are key challenges facing manufacturers reformulating to reduce salt levels.

Reasons To Buy

  • Gain insight into consumer trends and perceptions towards ingredients to support salt reduction strategies.
  • Identify new and emerging ingredients to help overcome challenges with salt reduction and removal strategies.
  • Discover the latest innovations and learn from what other brands are doing to reduce and remove salt in food and drink products.
  • Explore future challenges that the industry must overcome to reduce salt further.