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The global Top 20 Internet of Things Companies report provides the reader with a thorough overview of the competitive landscape in the Internet of Things market and to identify key growth areas and business opportunities. The report is valuable for anyone who wants to understand the dynamics of the Internet of Things industry and the implementation and adoption of Internet of Things services. It will be useful for existing players, new entrants and businesses who wish to expand into this sector or explore a new area for market development.

Report highlights

• Over 100+ tables, charts, and graphs

• Market Share Analysis, Revenues And Ranking Of The Top 20 Companies Within The Internet of Things Ecosystem
• Amazon
• Apple Inc.
• AT&T
• China Mobile
• Cisco
• Fitbit, Inc.
• GE
• Google
• HP
• Intel Corporation
• Microsoft
• Oracle Corporation
• Philips N.V.
• Qualcomm
• Robert Bosch GmbH
• Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
• Schneider Electric SE
• Verizon Communications, Inc.
• Vodafone

Top 20 Internet of Things (IoT) Companies 2018

Top 20 Internet of Things (IoT) Companies 2018

To provide context for the leading companies within the Internet of Things ecosystem, the report also provides IoT market forecasts and connections data

• Global Internet of Things Market Forecast 2018 – 2028 ($bn)

• Global Internet of Things Connections Forecast 2018 – 2028 (Connections)

• Qualitative Analysis of Recent Developments in the IoT Market

• SWOT Analysis Of Factors Affecting The Market

• Key questions answered
• What does the future hold for the companies in the global Internet of Things market?
• Where should you target your business strategy?
• Which applications should you focus upon?
• Which disruptive technologies should you invest in?
• Which companies should you form strategic alliances with?
• Which company is likely to succeed and why?
• What business models should you adopt?
• What industry trends should you be aware of?

Target audience
• Internet of Things solution providers
• IT companies
• Networking specialists
• Electronics companies
• Telecoms companies
• Software developers
• Cyber security specialists
• IT Contractors
• Technologists
• Consultants
• Market analysts
• CEO’s
• CIO’s
• COO’s
• Business development managers
• Investors
• Governments
• Agencies
• ICT and Semiconductor Industry organisations