Over the next five years, VR/AR apps will transform numerous industries from e-commerce to social media to publishing to manufacturing design, increasing productivity and creating new ways of working, playing, and shopping. AR is likely to revolutionize specific vertical industries within the enterprise market in the near future, while VR depends on the apps in development.

In retail banking, the breaking economics of in-branch distribution is forcing incumbents to look at how to deliver human-like reassurance and support more cost effectively. Entirely VR-enabled branches, or avatar advisors, could support more complex or high risk banking activities, such as mortgage applications. AR can be used in a variety of in-app settings to make the banking experience more fun and engaging, such as with branch locators or ATM finders. Leading banks are also using these technologies to improve internal sales and regulation training.


  • This report analyses the impact of virtual & augmented reality on retail banking.
  • It discusses the leading technology and retail banking players in this theme.
  • It also analyses the benefits of using these technologies to improve internal sales and regulation training.

Reasons To Buy

  • The report highlights some of the big players in the alternative reality industry and where do they sit in the value chain.
  • It discusses some of the main trends that we expect to see over the next five years in the VR, AR, and MR sectors.
  • The report analyses the alternative reality industry value chain across five segments - semiconductors, components, headsets, platforms, and applications and content.
  • It provides an industry analysis, explaining the competitor landscape and highlighting key acquisitions and funding in the growth and future of many technologies.
  • The report also discusses the impact of virtual and augmented reality on retail banking, offering key recommendations for retail banks and IT vendors.
  • It provides a technology briefing to understand the differences between virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR).