The e-commerce retail market of Latin America is expected to grow significantly during the forecast period (2018-2023). There are many factors that motivates the e-commerce retailers in the market such as over rising internet users, cost efficiency, growing online sales and so forth. Large number of internet users makes it easy for e-commerce retail market players to reach target customers. It provides opportunities to the e-commerce market companies since online sales are increasing. The direct channel of distribution enables the e-commerce companies to cut cost compared to local retailor which results in increasing sales. Rising exclusive launch of the products and promotion through online stores such as Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal boosts online sales across the globe. The e-commerce companies have significant consumer base to serve, that allows the market players to purchase the goods in bulk quantity to provide cost effective products to customers from across the globe. It also helps the e-commerce companies to increase their profit margin on goods even after passing the price benefit to the customers.

However, high cost for logistics, shortage of payment options, inefficient road connectivity and cost for reverse logistics may hamper the e-commerce retail market. Latin America lacks quality road connectivity which restricts the e-commerce companies to cover large part of Latin America. Furthermore, most of the logistics companies charge high for shipping and lacks tracking facilities. The region also lacks in providing different payment options as large number of people still does not have access to proper banking system. The reverse logistics issues also affect the growth of e-commerce retail market. Brazil has the largest e-commerce retail share in the Latin America region and has around 50% of the internet users that provides large target market to the e-commerce companies in the region. Around 40% of the Mexican population have internet access followed by Argentina.

The Latin America e-commerce market players contributing into the market growth includes Inc., B2W Digital, WalMart Inc., Shoptime, MercadoLibre, Inc., Pontofrio, Fast Shop, Cnova N.V. and Lojas Americanas. E-commerce companies are currently focusing on improving the payment options in the region. As cash payment is still the primary method for payment in majority of the countries. Companies are focusing to improve payment option for customers by providing various online and digitalized payment gateways.

Market Segmentation:

Latin America e-commerce retail market research and analysis, by end user
Latin America e-commerce retail market research and analysis, by products
Latin America e-commerce retail market research and analysis, by device used
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Comprehensive research methodology of Latin America e-commerce retail market
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Insights about market determinants which are stimulating the Latin America e-commerce retail market
Detailed and extensive market segments with regional distribution of forecasted revenues.
Broad profiles and recent developments of market players.