Portable food safety detectors improve consumer safety and product transparency as they provide real-time information about food and beverages within minutes. The market for these devices is expected to rise in future in the wake of food scandals reported from different parts of the world, growing mistrust amongst consumers on the claims made by food and beverage manufacturers and growing demand for "cleaner" foods and beverages.

Portable food safety detectors are easy-to-use electronic devices that enable consumers to detect the presence of various contaminants or food allergens.


  • Portable food safety detectors are capable of detecting allergens such as gluten and peanut protein as well as contaminants such as antibiotics and pesticides.
  • Most of the devices are in the prototype stage and manufacturers claim that they are working on improving the products.
  • Food safety detectors are available for both commercial and domestic purposes.
  • Most of these devices have a quick turnaround time, delivering results in a few minutes.

Reasons To Buy

  • Provides an early warning system for emerging trends, threats, and opportunities in fast-moving consumer goods.
  • Drives analysis of potential future consumer behavior.
  • Generates ideas and inspiration for new product development.