This report is part of GlobalData’s Success and Failures case study series, which explores the reasons underpinning success or failure, and key learnings. Kylie Cosmetics became one of the fastest-growing beauty brand by leveraging social media platforms to drive product popularity and consumer demand.

Launched back in November 2015 by celebrity Kylie Jenner, Kylie Cosmetics became one of the fastest-growing beauty brands through the sole use of social media marketing strategies. The brand, which started off with selling lip kits, has expanded its product portfolio to eye shadows, blushes, and tools, and is set to become a billion-dollar beauty brand.


  • Brands can use social media to build brand engagement by generating product demand through creating exclusive, on-trend, and easy-to-relate to digital content.
  • Develop products that create a sense of exclusivity by offering limited-edition products
  • Create engaging and easy-to-consume social media content that helps generate brand popularity.
  • Target social-media-savvy consumers who discover, follow, and purchase beauty products on social media.
  • Market products as premium through high-quality ingredients, stand-out packaging, and unique and unusual product designs.
  • Leverage celebrity status and popularity to develop consumer engagement and drive direct online conversations with target audience.

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