Consumer demand for naturally derived ingredients and raw materials have led to the increasing demand for naturally derived flavor compounds that can act as a viable alternative for synthetic ones. Currently, using the natural label tag is one of the important tactic that is used by product developers to help consumers understand the perceived purity and quality of the product they are consuming.

While the natural flavors are able to overcome the possible side effects of synthetic ones, most of the flavor compounds are still in research and demonstration stage, mainly due to the possible issues related to scaling at industrial level. The development of flavors that can prevent nutritional loss while incorporating naturalness into the end product is a key necessity in the segment. Besides the ability to develop flavors for use in a wide range of applications, technology developers are also focusing on improving the stability and cost-effectiveness to hasten wide scale adoption.

This research service titled “Breakthrough Innovations in Natural Flavors“ discusses the recent developments in the natural flavors that are being touted as a viable alternative for those obtained using synthetic and chemical routes. The flavor functions that have been considered within the scope of the research include replacement flavors, sugar alternative flavors, umami tasters and, taste enhancers