The arms and ammunition market in Colombia has exhibited a high growth in the recent past. Factors such as conflict with Venezuela, failure to implement strict gun control, displaced people relying on subsistence hunting for survival are the key growth drivers for the market. The competitive landscape includes players from different geographies having global distribution networks in Colombia. Factors, such as cost, innovation and development, and ease of accessibility have been significant for gaining growth in the arms and ammunition market in Colombia. Additionally, increased demand for small arms and ammunition for purposes such as hunting, sporting, and self-defense is expected to drive the growth of small arms and ammunition during the forecast period.

The following points provide a concrete description of the report content and the topics covered in the report:

This report identifies the arms and ammunition market in Colombia across different categories such as military weapons, revolvers and pistols, firearms and similar devices, spring/gas guns or pistols, parts and accessories for weapons, bombs and grenades, and small caliber ammunition.
The report mentions about key market players for each category of arms and ammunition imported in the Colombia market.
Additional focus has been given on small caliber ammunition market. The report provides expected value and volume of import for small caliber ammunition both by brand and caliber during the forecast period.