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Santander is accelerating its digital transformation strategy through dedicated teams that develop in-house technology solutions and support young entrepreneurs. Santander also has a Digital Strategic Partnerships team, whose main focus lies in developing and managing partnerships with technology platforms and fintech companies.

Santander, with its ’invest and partner’ model, has been focusing on commerce & payments and artificial intelligence technologies, to help start-ups in developing digital solutions and enhancing the banking experience for customers. Since 2014, Santander has launched various digital solutions offering payment and investment services.

Santander has been actively organizing accelerator programs through Santander Explorer (previously YUZZ) and Radar Santander, to support both young entrepreneurs and scale-ups in the fintech space. Santander had also partnered with various fintech companies to integrate their technologies and enhance its in-house operations, as well as to launch new digital payment solutions.

The report provides information and insights into Santander’s fintech activities, including -

  • Insights of its fintech strategies
  • Overview of fintech investments covering investment size and technology
  • Insights on key investments including details on company and its business description
  • Details of various accelerator programs, partnerships, and in-house launches.


  • Santander created around $60m worth funds to invest in entrepreneurship programs, in order to surface disruptive projects with social impact.
  • Since 2015 Santander has participated in 16 consortium investments, 25% of which focused on analytics.
  • In July 2014, Santander launched InnoVentures, the $200m venture capital funding arm to invest in early-stage fintech start-ups.

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