As the environmental, economic, and social implications of food waste are being brought to light, the potential for it to revolutionize the personal care sector is becoming clear. This report focuses on the market opportunities provided by food waste for the personal care sector, and the actions that brands can take to capitalize on its potential.

Millions of tonnes of food is wasted each year at a consumer, retail, and industry level. Recently, this has prompted manufacturers in the food and beverage sectors to be more resourceful and to utilize food that would have otherwise been discarded. This illuminates the potential for personal care manufacturers to take the same approach, and to meet the consumer desire for products that are both sustainable and perceived as ’natural’. In doing so, it is essential that personal care manufacturers work toward dispelling the myths surrounding food waste, while highlighting its rich antioxidant content and efficacy as a personal care ingredient.


  • Over half of global consumes have state that buying environmentally friendly products makes them feel less guilty when shopping
  • Just under half of global consumers have stated that natural ingredients would make them choose one brand over another.
  • Almost two thirds of global consumers are concerned about the impact of chemicals on their health and appearance.

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