MEED Insights: MENA Power Sector Outlook 2018 - Understanding the region’s new energy sector


With $772bn worth of power generation and transmission projects planned or underway across the Mena region, the power sector is one of the region’s most active areas of capital investment.

Of this, about $409bn of power projects have been announced but not yet awarded, presenting abundant opportunities for companies with the right products and services.

MEED’s Middle East & North Africa Power Sector Outlook 2018 provides a detailed assessment of the market, examining investment plans, emerging project opportunities and reviewing key players.

In addition to high levels of capital investment, several profound changes are taking place that are reshaping the sector. Renewable energy is now at the top of the regional power agenda. More than $89bn worth of renewables projects are in pipeline, accounting for about 22 per cent of the total planned projects.

Governments are also seeking to increase the role of the private sector and increase the number of public-private partnerships for delivering major generation projects.

Written by MEED, the Middle East market experts within the GlobalData Group, this in-depth report will help you save time and investment on research and analysis and provide you with exclusive data and insight on the changing Mena Power market.


  • Regional overview: Summary on the development of the power sector
  • Detailed analysis of 14 country markets covering structure, policy, projects and players
  • Power project client activity review
  • Supply and demand: Detailed analysis on the power supply and demand scenario, energy mix, major power consumers
  • All the latest data and plans for power generation and transmission capacity trends
  • Insight on regional power projects and investment plans
  • Overview analysis and data of regional power market
  • In-depth of renewable energy programmes and targets
  • Analysis of the region’s nuclear power sector
  • Power project rankings of top projects, contractors and project sponsors
  • Generation Projects: Existing and planned projects developed by the government and private sector
  • Detailed analysis on renewables and alternative power projects, including nuclear
  • Transmission and Distribution: Overview of transmission and distribution network in the country, key projects in the sector.

Reasons To Buy

The report covers 14 markets and provides a comprehensive country-by-country review of the Mena power sector with in-depth analysis on supply and demand, projected investment levels, the role of the private sector and the search for alternative energy, along with details of key client bodies, including -

  • Quantify future market sizes with supply and demand forecasts up to 2021
  • Track project opportunities and planned investments by the government and private sector
  • Understand the strategy of each country and how projects are procured and financed
  • Access power project rankings of top projects, contractors and project sponsors
  • Gain insight into detailed analysis on renewables and alternative power projects, including nuclear.