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Global Wholesale Carriers are adjusting their business models to gain agility, cost-efficiency, flexibility, and most importantly to stay relevant to their evolving market requirements and unlock new revenue streams. As such, they are evolving their technical capabilities towards dynamic services distribution platforms, expanding their addressable market and upgrading their services portfolios.

Services portfolios are being enhanced with a set of digital services and software-driven network solutions ranging from bandwidth on-demand to full-fledged security propositions. By offering upgraded service portfolios; global wholesale carriers are able to activate new revenue growth levers, while better cashing on the still central legacy wholesale service segments. Such strategies also help global wholesalers cater to new customer segments -with different wholesale service needs and QoS requirements.

"International Wholesale Carriers: Portfolio Expansion and Monetization Strategies Enabling New Business Models", explores a number of product portfolio expansion & monetization strategies wholesale providers have been harnessing to transition value proposition to that of the digital wholesaler of the future. The report also gives a snapshot of how the future wholesale portfolio could look like. Additionally, it offers five case studies of new network/digital services and service monetization initiatives global wholesalers have deployed to evolve their services portfolios.

The report is structured as follows -

  • Section 1: Market Context; an overview of the new global wholesale digital business model predicaments and levers; and how these are leading to new product portfolio strategies.
  • Section 2: New Product Portfolio Strategies; an analysis of key portfolio expansion & monetization strategies. It provides an overview of the digital wholesaler product portfolio map with a focus on the new and legacy wholesale services it contains to target legacy and new customer segments. This section also gives an overview of key product portfolio monetization strategies wholesale carriers are deploying to maximize sales and margins of existing & new services.
  • Section 3: Case Studies; provides five international wholesale provider case studies having launched a specific service/product offering or a services monetization initiative. It analyses the drivers of such moves and how these offerings/initiatives can help wholesalers reposition in the market and drive new revenue streams.
  • Section 4: Findings and recommendations; we conclude the report with a set of key findings and recommendations for international wholesale providers to help them expand and monetize their services portfolios.


  • Service portfolio transformation has become strategically vital to the global wholesale business outlook.
  • Service portfolios are being enhanced with a set of digital services and software-driven network solutions ranging from bandwidth on-demand to full-fledged security propositions.
  • Portfolio monetization can be achieved through quick-win strategies such as bundled vertical propositions and anti-fraud solutions.

Reasons To Buy

  • This thematic report provides an extensive examination of a number of international wholesale services portfolio expansion and monetization strategies to enable the business model levers required for the digital transformation era.
  • The report objective is to help inform global industry executives’ decision-making process on the required strategic transformation and future positioning of their services portfolios.
  • Five case studies illustrate the findings of the report, providing insights into international wholesale services portfolio expansion & monetization examples; this will help industry executives understand the drivers and benefits of a number of services launches and monetization examples
  • The report maps the services portfolio of the digital wholesale. It gives an overview of the key offerings it comprises, analyses the drivers & benefits of these offerings in terms of new revenue streams’ generation, new customer segments targeting and in addressing the industry’s changing needs
  • With 9 exhibits, the report is designed for an executive-level audience, to help them understand and determine the adequate evolution moves for their global wholesale services portfolios.