It is noted that the total length of Top 10 Planned Oil and Gas Pipelines in the world is 37,337.0 km with Xinjiang-Guangdong-Zhejiang SNG being the longest planned natural gas pipeline in the world. It is expected to have a planned length of 8,972.0 km and a design capacity of 1,058.8 bcf. Asia commands lion’s share in the global planned pipeline length with a share of 29.6% constituting approximately 68,660.5 km planned pipeline length. North America stands second with 52,791.7 kmof planned pipeline length or 22.8% in the global planned pipeline length.

"Global Planned Oil and Gas Pipelines Industry Outlook to 2022 - Capacity and Capital Expenditure Forecasts with Details of All Planned Pipelines", is a comprehensive report on major, trunk oil and gas planned pipelines industry in the world. The report provides key pipeline details for major planned and announced pipelines in the world. The details provided include pipeline/pipeline system name, operator name, start year, start point, end point, status, length, capacity and diameter for major, trunk crude oil, petroleum products, and natural gas pipelines across the world by country and by region.

The report also provides capital expenditure outlook by key countries, year on year, from 2018 to 2022. The report further provides key country comparisons within a region and regional comparisons, based on contribution to total pipeline length (regional/global). The report also offers recent developments and latest awarded contracts at regional level.


  • Updated information on all planned crude oil, petroleum products and natural gas pipelines in the world
  • Provides key details such as operator name, start year, start point, end point, location, length, diameter and capacity for all planned crude oil, petroleum products and natural gas pipelines to 2022
  • Provides capital expenditure outlook at global as well as regional level by year and by key countries for planned oil and gas pipelines till 2022
  • Latest developments and contracts related to oil and gas pipeline industry at the regional level.

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