The Air traffic management (ATM) market will witness growth due to the increasing adoption of automation and digital technologies like remote towers, predictive technologies and artificial intelligence. The increased pressure to handle heavy air traffic is driving ANSPs spending in the overall modernization of ATM infrastructure. Worth $3.43 billion market in 2017, revenues are expected to reach up to $4.83 billion in 2025, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.4%, although the revenue trajectory varies by every product segment.

Research scope
The research focuses on the Commercial Air traffic management (ATM) market for Communication, Navigation, Surveillance, Automation and Simulation systems. The research covers the global market and provides an 8 year forecast on where the industry is headed between the timeline 2017–2025. The Air Traffic Management forecast is based on the adoption rate of ATM systems by various airport tiers and area control centres (ACCs).

  • Market trends
  • Highlights growth opportunities for ATM suppliers
  • Analyses by segment, revenue stream
  • Analyses ATM related segments – UTM and Flying Cars
  • ATM Supply chain – market distribution channels, Supply chain trends
  • Global commercial ATM competitive landscape
  • Current innovations and future ATM concepts

The study also presents the strategies of incumbents, growth drivers and restraints, industry challenges including the effect of drones on ATM market. The research discusses the impact of emerging ATM markets such as China and Russia and also analyses the evolving opportunities and threats for incumbents. It also provides the market share of companies such as Indra Sistemes, Harris Corporation, Frequentis, Leidos, Thales and FLYHT.

Key Issues Addressed

  • What major trends will reshape the ATM supply chain? How will the structure of the market change over 10 years?
  • Where is innovation coming from in the ATM segments? Which of the sub-segments are poised to grow?
  • What are the strategies of incumbents and aircraft integrators in the ATM market?
  • What technological initiatives are being prioritized and undertaken? What are the evolving opportunities and new revenue streams for incumbents?
  • What is the effect of emerging markets like Russia and China on the ATM supply chain?
  • What is the effect of drones on ATM market? What are global UTM initiatives and implementation timelines? What are the different UTM business models that are being considered?