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Foodservice relates to the supply of any meal outside of the home. The foodservice industry is largely connected with the tourist industry as tourists seldom prepare their own meals hence rely heavily on foodservice whilst visiting other countries.

The profit sector - which groups a number of foodservice sectors - includes accommodation as well as leisure, restaurants, retail, mobile operators, travel, workplace, and pubs, clubs & bars. The profit sector is crucial for the tourist industry, as tourists are likely to use a number of these foodservice sectors regularly.

Foodservice can vary from region to region, for example pubs, clubs and bars will be more common in Europe and North America than the Middle East and North Africa. However, in every region both full service restaurants (FSR) and quick service restaurants (QSR) comprise a large share of the profit sector and these will serve a large number of tourists.

The Future of Foodservice in Tourism provides a regional analysis and country focus of the profit sector and accommodation to 2021.


  • The majority of restaurants in Europe, North America, Latin America and the Middle East are quick service restaurants.
  • Contrarily, full service restaurants are dominating the Asia Pacific.
  • In terms of operator selling prices (OSP) market value, full service restaurants surpass quick service outlets in Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America and Latin America.
  • Middle East is the only region in which the OSP market value is higher in quick service restaurants.

Reasons To Buy

  • This report provides a market overview of foodservice in the tourist industry. In particular, it gives an insight into profitability through detailed statistics on the value and market share of different food outlets across regions.
  • The report also includes case studies, discussing the state of the market in selected countries. The reader will gain a strong understanding of foodservice within travel and tourism that will allow him to spot future opportunities.