Report Scope:
The global mobile and wearable gaming market is a lucrative market that is being driven by the availability of a wide range of games, a rising number of smartphone users, and technological advancement and innovation. The future of the gaming market looks promising due to the introduction of VR technology and smartwatch gaming applications across the globe. Involvement of key players such as Apple, Samsung, Facebook, Google, HTC, and other key players has created significant scope for the market. Rising smartphone industries and rising demand for a variety of games across the globe have boosted the market considerably. Gaming market players collaborate, make alliances, merge with other gaming companies, invest in R&D, and regularly launch new gaming products for various genres to stay competitive. The rising entry of new players and rising number of start-ups in the gaming industry will create considerable opportunity for mobile and wearable gaming due to introduction of innovative games and mobile applications. The rising popularity of series games, VR-based games and increasing number of mobile games players across the globe create significant scope for the market. Smartphone users and broadband/internet adoption will boost mobile and wearable gaming across the globe. Promotion and advertisement of movies through games is a key business strategy to reach a wide market.

To provide a better understanding of the market, in this report the market is segmented by platform, operating system, genre, age group, and region. The new technologies and gaming applications which are widely adopted across the globe are also covered at length.

The major geographic regions covered in the report are North America (the U.S., Canada, and Mexico), Europe (U.K., Italy, France, Germany, and Spain), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, India) and the rest of world (RoW) (Russia, Brazil, Middle East, Africa). Estimated values used are based on manufacturers’ total revenues. Projected and forecasted revenue values are in constant U.S. dollars, unadjusted for inflation. The study covers the global market for mobile and wearable gaming. The selection of the countries which are included in this report was mainly based on the total revenue generated. Major countries included in the report are the U.S., Canada, Germany, the U.K., Spain, Italy, France, China, Japan, and India.

The competitive landscape of the global market for mobile and wearable gaming is discussed at length. Major companies involved in mobile and wearable gaming are profiled in the report, with a description of their product portfolios and recent developments. All categories are discussed in detail, describing each segment, identifying current popular games in the market, measuring market size, identifying market drivers, forecasting for 2016 to 2021, and assessing the competitors and competitor market shares.

Report Includes:

  • An overview of the global mobile and wearable gaming market
  • Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2015 and 2016, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2021
  • A look at market driving factors, such as the emergence of low-cost smartphones with high-end features, more gaming startups focused on wearable technology, and rapid growth of the smartphone and tablets markets
  • Breakdowns of the market by platform, region, operating system, age group, and genre
  • Coverage of the recent developments in mobile and wearable gaming, and market trends, including growth drivers, restraints, and opportunities
    Profiles of major players in the industry