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China Travel Market to Nordics is expected to be more than US$ 1.6 Billion by the end of year 2024. By 2024, the number of Chinese outbound tourists to Nordic Countries will be more than double from the current outbound tourists’ number in 2017; signaling a revolutionary change and opportunity for the global travel industry. More and More Chinese people are able to travel outside of their homeland as there has been an increase of average income and a less restrictive tourism policy. China has risen rapidly as a new major source of outbound tourists in the world and has become an important tourist market. Recognizing the importance of China Outbound Tourism market, foreign tourist boards are now leaving no stone turned to meet the growing demand of Chinese that is by offering increasing direct flights to Chinese cities. China has now world’s largest outbound market.

Numerous factors have contributed towards the growth of the Chinese Outbound Tourism market, the most prevalent being: the increasing GDP, increasing number of flight connectivity with low-cost carriers (LCCs), expanding middle class population and senior travelers. Travel shows, recommendations from friends & family who visited that place or lived there. Owing to mentioned factors, it is believed that the Chinese Travel market to Nordics will certainly hold a remarkable place in travel & tourism industry in the years to come.

Renub Research report titled “China Travel Market to Nordics, Tourist Numbers to Nordic Countries (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland) Purpose (Holiday, Business, VFR, Others), Accommodation (Hotels, Camping Sites, Rented Holiday Cottage, Friends & Relative, Others) Top Five Destination to all (Thailand, South Korea, Japan, United State, Singapore) Top Three Destination in Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland)” covers issues such as tourists visits, travelers’ behavior and patterns – destination choice, purpose of travel, mode of accommodation and spending. Also, the Report provides complete analysis of China Population (Number of credit card in circulation, China outbound tourists to Europe).

By Purpose – Holiday/Leisure Accounts for the Maximum Market Share
The report studies travelers’ purposes by Holiday/Leisure, Business, Visiting Friends & Relatives (VFR) and Others. Holiday/Leisure accounts for the maximum market share. Sightseeing, shopping or relaxing are some of the key reasons influencing visitors to visit Nordic countries.
By Accommodations – Most Chinese like to stay in Hotels and Similar Establishments

The report studies travelers’ mode of accommodations by Hotels, Camping Sites, Rented Holiday Cottage, Friends & Relative and Others. Hotels and similar establishments hold the top position as Chinese prefer to have better comfort in terms of amenities and food while visiting abroad.

By Region – Talking of China Outbound Tourism to Nordic Countries; Norway is most preferred
The report studies China Outbound Tourism of Nordic countries (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland). Norway is the most preferred destination by Chinese visiting Nordic countries. Norway rich history and culture as well as the surrounding nature and broad range of entertainments fascinate Chinese to visit Norway more than any other Nordic countries.

By Purpose

  • Holiday
  • Visit Friends and Relatives (VFR)
  • Business
  • Other

By Mode of Accommodation

  • Hotels
  • Camping Sites
  • Rented Holiday Cottage
  • Friends & Relative

By Region

  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Iceland

Other Key Segments

  • China Population
  • Number of Credit Card in Circulation
  • China Outbound Tourist to All Destination
  • China Top Five Destinations
  • China Outbound Tourist to Europe
  • China Outbound Tourists Top Three Destination in Europe

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