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"Adding Value Through Packaging: Alcoholic Drinks", explores new packaging formats and value-added features in the Alcoholic Drinks category, using examples from GlobalData’s Pack-Track innovation tool.

Good packaging should be adjusted to consumer needs, which is extremely important in the constantly evolving market of alcoholic beverages. Every brand searches for unique language to speak with their customers and fights to be distinctive and instantly recognizable in the sector. New packaging sizes and functional solutions that help to make drinking experience unique are widely found.

Key Questions Answered

What drives packaging innovations in Alcoholic Drinks?
What notable new formats and value-added features have been introduced in the Alcoholic Drinks category in recent years?
Which consumer trends have these packaging innovations capitalized on?
How can Alcoholic Drinks manufacturers use packaging to stay ahead of the game in a crowded marketplace?


  • Manufacturers of alcoholic beverages usually offer a wide choice of products as the competition is quite strong in the sector.
  • Apart from the price, one of the key factors that may influence product purchase is packaging design and functionality that transforms an ordinary liqueur, wine, or vodka into something extraordinary and unique.
  • Playing with packaging size and type is also common. This can help to make a product more relevant to single-person households, reduce alcohol intake, or simply improve convenience for various occasions.

Reasons To Buy

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  • Understand the relevant consumer trends that drive and support innovation so you can tap into what is really impacting the industry.
  • Appreciate the importance of the sensory element of packaging in the overall consumer experience of a product and how this can help to drive brand loyalty.