Apart from the cyber-attacks on the businesses, miscreants are now actively targeting individual endpoint device users or Small Office Home Office (SOHO) users. As there is increased use of multiple devices, keeping a track of their security and managing each and every devices is becoming a herculean task.

Moreover, negligence or accidental revealing of access information or other similar has resulted in breach of privacy of data. Containing the ever increasing endpoint device attacks and at the same time providing quick access to Internet networks through these devices is the underlying challenge.

Consumer Endpoint security solutions is slowly gaining popularity among many of the endpoint device users worldwide. Earlier, those individual users who preferred solutions like antivirus or antimalware are now actively adopting the comprehensive consumer endpoint security solutions. The availability of advanced endpoint security solutions that support several multiple devices and the cost effectiveness of these solutions is driving many of the device users to adopt these solutions.

Consumer Endpoint Security Market Growing Steadily With growing frequency of attacks and increased use of endpoint devices, solutions like Consumer Endpoint Security is expected to flourish further. The introduction of cloud based consumer endpoint security solutions would also add to the growing market.

Asia-Pacific region set to record highest Adoption Rate While North America holds the maximum market share followed by the contribution from the European users, the startling adoption rate is expected to be recorded in the Asia-Pacific region. Those solution providers who possess vital market share in developed countries like the USA , Canada, UK, Germany, Japan and others, are now turning towards the Asia-Pacific market and especially concentrating on emerging economies like India.

Cloud based Consumer Endpoint Security Solutions Gaining Momentum As most of the large organizations have been using traditional endpoint security solutions, the market share for this solutions remains high. However, with businesses moving towards cloud and with the introduction of cloud based versions of endpoint security solutions, businesses, especially medium and small level companies are expected to extensively start adopting them. This is expected to provide the necessary boost to the cloud based endpoint security provider companies.

The Underlying Challenges While the introduction of cloud based version of consumer endpoint security solutions has considerably reduce the costs of these solutions, the main question of concern that would decide on the growth of the market would be the effectiveness of the solution. Many of the previous attacks and failure of existing security solutions has reduced the faith of device users about this solution. However, with introduction of advanced solutions that stay up-to-date in terms of security aspects, the market can expect to grow in the near future.