Growing use of Internet for real-time communication along with other wireless technologies is one of the leading trend in today’s business world. Businesses are forced to transform themselves to grow web centric, as it would mean getting closer to their potential as well as existing customers. This has resulted in growing use of mobile and other wireless devices like mobile phones, laptops and many other. These devices along with the company’s telecom infrastructure has been helpful in improving business prospects for numerous companies.

However, as there are positivity in this, there are also various concerns that needs to be addressed for smooth functioning of business. Among the most important and critical issues that is faced by majority of the companies is the network attacks. Studies have revealed that network infrastructure form the easy way for miscreants to access a company’s digital resources. With growing frequency of cyber-attacks, the businesses need to aggressively plan to equip their network infrastructure so that there is no place for any kind of disruptive attacks.

In this process of deciding on what kind of security to be adopted to keep away attacks, one basic solution called the Enterprise Firewall form to be "must have" solution among companies. Security experts opine that any web or Internet driven business using networks for exchange must and should have at least a basic form of enterprise firewall. Enterprise Firewall solutions are known to ward-off any sort of threats by creating an extra protection layer in the network. Having said this, it also becomes important for a company to decide on what kind of enterprise firewall solution fits it business requirements. Having a weak firewall solution when there is greater traffic on network would only mean inviting attack related risks. At the same time, implementing costly firewall solutions when there is a need for a simplest solution would also mean an investment burden to the company. Hence, businesses are now faced with the challenge of finding solutions exactly suiting their requirements.

Enterprise Firewall Market Growing Steadily With growing frequency of attacks, security solutions like enterprise firewall is expected to flourish further.

The introduction of cloud based enterprise firewall solutions and also the Next Generation Firewall solutions would also add to the growing firewall market.

North America - Highest Revenue Contributor; Europe and APAC - Growth Engines of Enterprise Firewall As always, North America, especially countries like the USA and Canada have been the top adopters of this technology and the region contributes the most in terms of revenue. The main reason being, that businesses here are vulnerable to attacks and the frequency of attacks is way too high when compared to other regions.

Following the cue, many of the businesses in Europe and Asia-Pacific region have realized the importance of having an enterprise firewall solution and hence are adopting these pro-actively. Thus, Europe followed by APAC regions are expected to witness higher growth rate in the years to come. The frequency of attacks is growing every year and those businesses that earlier felt safe with their existing IT security setup are now being challenged by attackers. Miscreants are coming up with sophisticated forms of attacks and to address these complex attacks, businesses here have also started adopting advanced firewall solutions which was earlier more preferred by companies of the North America region.