Car manufacturing costs rise as players continue to consolidate: Apple and Google now pose a serious threat to manufacturers


The cost of manufacturing cars has been on the rise in recent years as rising commodity prices coupled with increased protectionism is making the acquisition of key raw materials more expensive. On top of this the impending arrival of Google and Apple will further strengthen rivalry in the industry.

Key Highlights

  • Players in the car manufacturing industry have been under great pressure in recent years to manufacture vehicles that are more environmentally friendly.
  • In 2016 Mercedes head Dieter Zetsche for example stated that his company now sees tech giants such as Google and Apple as its main rivals and threats rather than Audi or BMW.
  • The emergence of huge tech giants into the car manufacturing industry means that the traditional players like Ford and Toyota will no longer be the behemoths they once were as far as players within the car manufacturing industry are concerned.


  • Explores the reasons why the price of manufacturing are rising
  • Explains why key commodities such as cobalt and lithium are witnessing rising prices
  • Analyzes the ways in which players are responding to rising costs
  • Explores what impact the arrival of tech giants into the car manufacturing industy will have

Reasons To Buy

  • What are the reasons for the rising prices of key commodities like aluminum, lithium and cobalt?
  • Why are players operating in this industry worried about the entry of tech giants?
  • How are players respondig to rising costs in manufacturing?