A human heart has four valves: Mitral valve, Tricuspid valve, Aortic valve and Pulmonary valve. Mitral valve is located on the left side of the heart and has two flaps which create a passage for oxygenated blood to travel from the left atrium to left ventricle. Mitral valve is attached by chordae tendinae to the papillary muscles which prevent the leaflets from prolapsing during ventricular contraction.

When the mitral valve does not close properly, then this condition is called Mitral Regurgitation. Mitral Regurgitation (MR) is a valve disorder where blood leaks backward through the mitral valve with heart contractions and reduces the amount of blood pumped through the body, which over time can lead to heart dysfunction and heart failure. Mitral Regurgitation can be of two types: Functional Mitral Regurgitation (FMR) and Degenerative Mitral Regurgitation (DMR).

Europe is a major contributor to the global TMVR market supported by increased ageing and obese population, better accessibility and favorable reimbursement policies for TMVR. The U.S. is also expecting a high growth rate in TMVR market due to rising development of TMVR devices and incidences of heart diseases.

The global TMVR market is expected to grow in future due to increasing ageing population, obese population, rising healthcare expenditure and economic growth. Key trends of this market include leading causes of death in the U.S., factors affecting the development of TMVR devices, prevalence of mitral regurgitation by age group in the U.S. and growing adoption of minimally invasive therapies. However, there are some factors which can hinder the market growth including associated high risks and tough regulatory problems.

The report “Global TMVR Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2018-2022)” by Koncept Analytics provides an extensive research and detailed analysis of the present market along with future outlook. The report discusses the major growth drivers and challenges of the market, covering the U.S., and Europe region along with the global market. The report profiles the key players of the market including Medtronic plc, Abbott Laboratories, Edwards and LivaNova Plc.