DLP technology was successfully developed by Dr. Larry Hornbeck of Texas Instruments in United States1987. The development of DLP projectors began in 1993, and DLP products were finally listed in 1996. As the owner of DLP technology, Texas Instruments does not produce projectors and other end products, but merely provides DMD chips and video processing chip as manufacturers, which ensures the fairness of DLP projector market competition in some extent. Currently the world’s non-Japanese brands are mostly used DLP projector technology. And in Japanese brands, Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi, Sharp and other brands, DLP projectors also occupy a more important position.

The DLP Projector market research report analyzes global adoption trends, future growth potentials, key drivers, competitive outlook, restraints, opportunities, key challenges, market ecosystem, and value chain analysis. This report presents a detailed analysis, market sizing, and forecasting for the emerging segment within the DLP Projector market. The report is thoroughly segmented by product type, application, vertical, and region.

This study includes the profiles of key players in the market and the strategies adopted by them to sustain in the competition. Recent developaments and barriers of the market is expected to help emerging players to design their strategies in an effective manner. The study is expected to help key players in broadcast DLP Projector manufacturers to formulate and develop new strategies.

Frequency, Time Period
? 2012-- 2017 base years
? 5-year annual forecast (2018 - 2022)

Shipments, Revenue, and ASP

Segmentation by Product Type
? 1-chip DLP Projector
? 3-chip DLP Projector

Segmentation by Product Application
? Business
? Education
? Home
? Cinema
? Large Venue

Region and Country Coverage:
? Europe
? North America
? Asia Pacific

Key Issues Addressed
? Competitive Landscape and Strategic Recommendations
? The market forecast and growth areas for DLP Projector Market
? Changing Market Trends and Emerging Opportunities
? Market size and the growth rate in 2022
? Historical shipment and revenue
? Analysis key applications
? Main Players market share

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