COVID-19 update included
The content of this report will be updated with the latest scenarios based on the global COVID-19 Pandemic


"Global Retail Innovations: Summary of Innovations in 2017", report published by GlobalData is a compilation of the innovations we have been gathering and publishing monthly over 2017.

This report covers some of the key in-use and new retail innovations utilized by retailers across the world, to effectively engage consumers across a host of platforms, including mobile and social media, virtual and augmented reality, and in-store and online displays/visibility.


  • This report covers innovations from consumer-driven trends, including tools based on augmented reality, omni-channel retail, improved shipping and payment facilities, product innovations, improved point of sale experiences, and promotional campaigns.

    Reasons To Buy
  • This report includes innovations in back-end processes that ease business operations and make retailers more responsive to changes in consumer behavior.