Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) is a relatively new technology in the field of medical science. It is a minimally invasive surgery of replacing heart valve without undergoing the conventional by-pass surgery. It has emerged as one of the most feasible alternatives to conventional surgical aortic valve replacement. Transcatheter aortic valve implantation is also sometimes called as Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR). The transcatheter aortic valve replacement market has gained popularity as a treatment option for those who are too weak to undergo surgery or are at high risk.

There are multiple approaches for TAVI procedure which includes transfemoral, transapical and transaortic approach. TAVI uses a catheter to replace the heart valve instead of the opening of the chest and completely removing the diseased valve. The TAVI valve is implanted within the diseased aortic valve. The valve is compressed onto the balloon that is expanded, pushing the leaflets of the diseased valve outside and when balloon deflated, the valve begins working instantly. This technique is still in its early stages but is growing rapidly through observational studies and randomized clinical trials.

The global TAVI market is expected to grow in future due to increasing ageing population, rising healthcare expenditure, increasing obese population, global economic development and increasing prevalence of inoperable aortic stenosis. Key trends in this market include rising demand for minimally invasive procedures, strong research and development efforts, rising mergers, technological advancements, favorable reimbursement policies, new product launch and TAVI for low-risk patients. However, the growth of this market will be hindered by stringent regulations, high cost of TAVI devices and high risks associated with the TAVI procedure.

The report “Global TAVI Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2018-2022)” analyses the development of this market, with focus on the U.S and European markets. The major trends, growth drivers as well as issues being faced by the market are discussed in detail in this report. The four major players: Edwards Lifesciences, Boston Scientific, Medtronic Plc. and Abbott Laboratories are being profiled along with their key financials and strategies for growth. The report contains a comprehensive analysis of the global TAVI market along with the study of the regional markets.