A lucrative growth area for technology companies and new entrants has opened up as a result of the digitization of education. Leading companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft are racing to ensure technology from each brand is at the forefront of the classroom of tomorrow.

The business opportunities in doing so are substantial. New entities have sprung up to capture the expanding market for education that falls outside of schools and universities, made possible by developments in online learning. Learning environments are changing at a rapid pace, driven by the growing demand for incorporating digital technology.

Gamification of schooling is beginning to take hold, opening up new avenues in the sale of sophisticated devices intended to capture the attention of students in an era characterized by the frequent distractions of Wi-Fi, smartphones and social media.

Across leading education systems greater amounts of investment are being placed into personalized learning, capturing the attention of companies such as Apple, keen to gain a presence in what is probably going to become a very lucrative market.

Big data generates opportunities in creating new and improved learning experiences provided information can be properly managed.


  • Explores the gamification of education.
  • Examines the future role of technology in personalized learning.
  • Analyses the impact of big data on education.
  • Assesses the business opportunities presented by MOOCs.
  • Looks at the movement of big technology companies into schools.

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  • What are the benefits of big data in education?
  • What are the business opportunities presented by technology in schools?
  • How will the classroom of the future develop?
  • Can MOOCs succeed in the current business environment?