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Global Industrial Robotics Market is expected to surpass more than US$ 70 Billion by the end of year 2024. The industrial robotics market is mainly driven by automotive and electrical & electronics sector. It is expected that the combined market size of automotive and electrical & electronics sector will capture more than 70% in anticipated year. In recent trend collaborative robotics is more frequently used in automotive industry. There are so many car manufacturer including BMW has introduced collaborative robots to its assembly line. They are also performing task in final assembly of the car doors. As they are human-friendly, it helps in enhancing productivity and value addition.

This report provides comprehensive assessment and core-insight regarding various application in industrial robotics like automotive industry, electrical & electronics, metal, chemical, rubber & plastic, food etc. there are many big manufacturers of automotive and electronic devices has been successfully using robotics in their assembly line effectively and efficiently and achieve huge cost reduction in long-term. Therefore automotive & electrical industries are key factor to push the global industrial robotics market to the great high in the coming future.

In this report; we have also covered annual shipment of industrial robots region wise. In American region, we have further divided it into four parts (United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil). In Asia & Australia region, we have further divided it into six parts (China, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, Taiwan and Thailand). In Europe region, we have further divided it into six parts (Central/Eastern Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom). Report also covers African region.

Renub Research report titled “Industrial Robotics Market, Volume Global Forecast by Types (Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Metal, Chemical, Rubber and Plastics, Food, Others, Unspecified), Regions (America, Asia, Australia, Europe & Africa), Companies (Yaskawa Electric Corporation, KUKA AG, Adept Technology, Nachi– Fujikoshi, iRobot, Intuitive Surgical)” provides a comprehensive assessment of the fast–evolving, high–growth of Industrial Robotic Market. This 89 page report with 49 Figures and 4 Table analyses the global industrial robotics market and volume by industry segment, driving factors and challenges for Industrial Robotics market.

Global Industrial Robotics Market has been analyzed from two view points

  • Global Industrial Robotic Market & Forecast (2010 – 2024)
  • Global Industrial Robotic Volume & Forecast (2010 – 2024)

Industry Segments Covered

1. Automotive Industry
2. Electrical & Electronics Industry
3. Metal Industry
4. Chemical, Rubber and Plastics Industry
5. Food Industry
6. Others
7. Unspecified

Key Companies Covered

1. Yaskawa Electric Corporation
3. Adept Technology
4. Nachi– Fujikoshi
5. iRobot
6. Intuitive Surgical