The retail industry is transforming at an ever-increasing speed with the introduction of new information and communication technologies in the sector. With the changes in the behavior of the customers along with the introduction of new channels and formats of marketing, the retailers are required to quickly adjust the existing business models according to the changing needs of the market. To satisfy the dynamic needs of customers, retail organizations are finding it very difficult to adjust the changes in the existing business model manually. It is also increasing the cost for employing additional resources to manage the omni-channel market place. In recent years, retailers are trying to engage customers with the introduction of new technologies in the space. Automation across the value chain is proving to be a vital strategy for the retailers to manage the changing landscape and better engage customers with the brands.  

This report identifies the key trends in the retail space and highlights the key technologies and their convergence prospects to envision the future retail market.

In brief, this research service provides the following:
  • An overview of retail process automation
  • The changing landscape of modern retail ecosystem 
  • Key trends toward enhancing service management productivity
  • Key trends facilitating point of sales automation
  • Key trends enhancing online interactivity
  • Technologies enabling retail process automation
  • Key innovations across the identified technologies for retail
  • Snapshot of technology convergence scenarios
  • Emerging opportunities and benefits for various stakeholders in the value chain