NEW automotive market research report focussing on 3D printing applications is available today: Receive global, regional and submarket forecasts, analysis and outlook. The key player expects the 3D printing automotive additive manufacturing market to reach a value of $1,396m in 2018.

Developments in 3D printing have had a significant impact on the automotive market. This report on 3d printing in automotive manufacturing applications gives a detailed overview of the market, creating an accurate picture that will offer clarity to anyone involved in the automotive sector. Importantly, the report also delivers forecasts of the market, giving you an insight into the future opportunities that exist in the automotive 3D printing market.

In Order To Offer An Accurate Snapshot Of The Current Market, The Key Player Has Also Profiled The Following Leading Companies:
• Stratasys
• Arcam AB
• 3D Systems
• Proto Labs Inc.
• SLM Solutions
• Materialise
• ExOne GmbH
• EOS GmbH
• Concept Laser
• Ultimaker

This Report Offers A Global Forecast, Which Is Then Broken Down By The Following Regional Markets:
• North America Forecast 2018-2028
• South America Forecast 2018-2028
• Asia Pacific Forecast 2018-2028
• Europe Forecast 2018-2028
• Middle East & Africa Forecast 2018-2028

As Well As The Following Submarkets By Technology From 2018-2028
• Multijet Printing (MJP) Forecast 2018-2028
• Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) Forecast 2018-2028
• Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) Forecast 2018-2028
• Stereolithography (SLA) Forecast 2018-2028
• Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Forecast 2018-2028
• Electronic Beam Melting (EBM) Forecast 2018-2028
• Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) Forecast 2018-2028
• Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Forecast 2018-2028
• Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) Forecast 2018-2028
• Others Forecast 2018-2028

And The Following Subsegments By Material From 2018-2028
• Metal Forecast 2018-2028
• Polymers Forecast 2018-2028
• Ceramics Forecast 2018-2028
• Others Forecast 2018-2028

And The Following Subsegments By Application From 2018-2028
• Prototyping Forecast 2018-2028
• Tooling Forecast 2018-2028
• R&D & Innovation Forecast 2018-2028
• Manufacturing Complex Parts Forecast 2018-2028
• Others Forecast 2018-2028

Who Should Read This?
• Automotive OEMs
• Automotive component suppliers
• 3D printing specialists
• 3D printing equipment
• R&D staff
• Manufacturing specialists
• Technology providers
• hardware and software vendors
• Procurement staff
• CEOs
• Heads of strategic development
• Marketing staff
• Market analysts
• Consultants
• Industry administrators
• Industry associations
• Governmental departments & agencies
• Banks
• investors
• Regulators

With 125 tables and charts and a total length of 183 pages, this report is a fantastic opportunity to increase your knowledge of this sector. Analysis of the drivers and restraints for the overall market concisely informs you of the major factors affecting this market, whilst this data-rich approach provides greater insight into this market.