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India Snacks Market will be more than INR 1 Billion by the end of 2024. The future of India Snacks Market can be judged from the fact that this industry is expected to grow with double digit CAGR for the time frame of 2018 to 2024. India snacks market is dived between organized players and unorganized market. At present Unorganized market is dominating the India snacks market. But this scenario is expected to change during the forecast period of 2018-2024. India Snacks Market is growing due to following factors Lifestyle Changes, Rising Urbanization, Growing Middle Class Population, Local Availability and Availability of Snacks in Small Package Size, Low Price and Company’s Strategies to focus on regional taste.

Consumer Survey on India Snacks Brands
A consumer survey has also been done in the report on the snacks industry in India. The survey has been done on Snacks Price Range, Extruded Snacks Brands Consumers Like to Buy Chips Brands popular in Consumers, Namkeen Brands Consumers buying.

Large Number of Unorganized Players working in the India Snacks Market
Large Number of players working in the India snacks market. Their presence is limited within a town, city or a particular area. They do not think too much for expansion. As a results, their main focus to develop snacks items according to the consumers taste in a particular area. This helps them to be popular in that region. Also their products are low priced compared to organized players.

Namkeen has the Highest Market Share in India Snacks Market
India snacks market is segmented into Extruded Snacks, Chips, Namkeen and Others. In terms of market value share, Namkeen has the highest market share compared to all other segments Extruded Snacks, Chips and Others. At present, in both organized and unorganized market, Namkeen is the leading segment.

PepsiCo India is a Leading Player in the India Snacks Market
Pratap Snacks, Balaji Wafers, DFM Foods, Bikanervala, Haldirams and PepsiCo India are some of the most popular snacks companies in the India organized snacks market. PepsiCo India has the highest its market share year compared to other snacks companies present in India.

Renub Research study titled “India Snacks Market, Forecast By (Organized & Unorganized) By Snacks (Extruded Snacks, Chips, Namkeen, Others) By Companies (Pratap Snacks, Balaji Wafers, DFM Foods, Bikanervala, Haldirams, PepsiCo) & Consumer Survey” provides a comprehensive assessment of the fast-evolving, high-growth India snacks Market. This market research report provides information on snacks market and market share by organized & unorganized sectors, snacks products segmentation by Extruded Snacks, Chips, Namkeen, Others; with key companies’ Business Strategies in India snacks market. This report also identifies the key Growth Drivers and Challenges of the industry. Primary research on consumer preferences of various snacks product segments, snacks prices and brands captured in this report.

India Snacks covered in this report has been Studied from Following View Points:

1. Primary Research on Consumers Preferences (snacks product segments, snacks prices and brands)

2. India Snacks Market Scenario (Total, Organized, Unorganized)

3. India Snacks Products Segment Scenario (Extruded Snacks, Chips, Namkeen & Others)

4. India Organized Snacks Market Scenario (Extruded Snacks, Chips, Namkeen & Others)

5. India Unorganized Snacks Market Scenario (Extruded Snacks, Chips, Namkeen & Others)

6. India Companies Analysis (Company Overview, Company Snacks Sales & Company Strategy)

7. India snacks Drivers & Challenges

Segments covered in this report

1. Organized Market
2. Unorganized Market

Snacks Products Market Analysis

1. Extruded Snacks
2. Chips
3. Namkeen
4. Other Snacks Products

Key Companies Covered

1. Pratap Snacks
2. Balaji Wafers
3. DFM Foods
4. Bikanervala
5. Haldirams
6. PepsiCo India

All companies in this report has been covered with following view points

1. Company Overview
2. Company Strategy
3. Company Snacks Sales

Primary Research – Consumer Study on Snacks Brands in India

Extruded Snacks Brands

  • PepsiCo (Kurkure, Cheetos)
  • DFM Foods CRAX Corn Rings, Natkhat
  • Balaji Wafers Wheels masala, wheels tomato, Pop Rings Masala, Chataka Patka
  • Pratap Snacks (Yellow Diamond, Rings, Chulbule, Puff Fungroo)

Chips Brands

  • PepsiCo (Lay’s, Uncle Chips)
  • Haldirams (Classic Salted, Pudina Treat, Kettle Chips, Aloo Masala, Papri Chaat)
  • Bikanervals Bikano (Chatak Masala, Tangy Tomato, Simply Salted, Yummy Cream, Wafers)
  • Balaji Wafers (Simply Salted, Magic Masala, Pizzy Masala, Tomato Masti)

Namkeen Brands

  • PepsiCo Lehar
  • Haldirams (Khatta Meetha, Moong Dal, Mixture, All in One, Aloo Bhujia, Badam Lachcha, Tasty Peanuts, Shashi Mixture, Navratan Mixture)
  • Bikanervala (Aloo Bhujia, Badam Lachcha, Tasty Peanuts, Shashi Mixture, Navratan Mixture)
  • DFM Foods (Mast Mattar, Kaju Mixture, Navratan, Aloo Bhujia)
  • Balaji Wafers (Mung Dal, Chana Dal, Aloo Sev, Khatta Mitha, Nibu Chatka
  • Pratap Snacks (Chana Masala, Peanuts, Classic Peeanuts, Falhari Chivda, Chana Dal