Key Findings
The Enterprise Database Management Systems market is fast gaining popularity in the multinational market circuit. Many big market players are increasingly generating a significant amount of data. A growing need for storing and archiving this data for the smooth and efficient functioning of the company has been witnessed in recent years. Over the forecast years of 2017-2020, the Asia-Pacific enterprise DBMS market is likely to grow with a CAGR percentage of 9%.

Market Insights
The segmentation of the Asia-Pacific database management system market is done by delivery model, type, and end-users. Countries like India, Japan, and China are significant contributors to this region. The financial sector is a major end-user for this market. Several established, as well as emerging financial industries, are adopting these tools to store their business-related data in the cloud. Also, several initiatives by various governments in this region to digitalize their enterprise programs are also supporting the market’s expansion in this region.

Competitive Insights
Some of the prominent players in this market are Cloudera, SAP SE, Oracle, Enterprise DB, Amazon Web Services and International Business Machine (IBM) Corporation. Most of these companies employ cloud-based portals for securing their company information and lower the ownership costs.