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"TrendSights Analysis: Situational Complexity", is part of GlobalData’s TrendSights series and explores how brands can provide a superior and more unique fit for specific consumer segments.

Family, career, and life progression is becoming more complex and is defying conventional wisdom. Predictable shifts from one life-stage to the next are also less common in what represents a blurring of life-stages.


  • Over two thirds of consumers agree that they are likely to buy products developed for their lifestyle.
  • Almost a third of consumers disagree that they feel pressure to conform to traditional cultural and societal norms.
  • Over half of consumers view themselves as being more liberal than the generation before them.

Reasons To Buy

  • Gain insight into the different routes through by which products can align with the Situational Complexity trend including examples of best-in-class innovation.
  • Compare the presence of this trend in each industry across the FMCG space, and learn what the key opportunities are.
  • Identify the innovation implications of Situational Complexity for your sector.