WinterGreen Research announces that it has initiated a new service “Digital Economy: Technology Service to Lawyers” a way for lawyers to get quick and accurate insight into technology that relates to their caseload.  The services provide immediate answers to questions, with the answers provide a key insight about the details of the technology and the relevance to a particular issue.

Lawyers are tasked with developing regulations and litigating issues relating to the implementation of the digital economy.  Drones and self-driving cars, artificial intelligence and bio materials, smartphones and tablets, all the technology has things that can go wrong and need to be looked at on a case by case basis by the legal profession.  There are technology implications in a variety of topics that need to be litigated or have regulations developed.  WinterGreen Research can help the lawyering process by elucidating various aspects of the technology in plain language understandable by everyone at a very reasonable cost ad in a timely manner.