Smart textiles are the future of clothing. These are the next generation fabrics have electronic components incorporated in them, for use in various applications such as sensing, energy harvesting, luminescence and aesthetics, and thermo-electricity among others. The Smart textile market has grown tremendously in the past few years because of its growing number of applications in areas such as military, sports and fitness, healthcare, automotive, fashion and entertainment. We anticipate the market will exhibit strong growth over the next decade.

The global smart textile market size will see strong growth across all major end-use sectors. But one of the most attractive sectors for smart textile industry is the military sector. The integration of sensors, actuators, and control units into military fabrics could aid the soldiers in achieving various levels of performance and capabilities in the field. The various functions of smart textiles in military sector include health monitoring, communication (wired and wireless), superior mobility, survivability, heat stress and cold stress sensing, and camouflage.

Technological advancement in sensors, actuators, processing and wireless technology has led to the improvement in the performance soldiers in the battlefield. In the near future, due to miniaturization in electronics components, the use Nanotechnology will increase used in smart textiles.

The lead report analyst for this report commented; “While the economy plays a central role in influencing the size and growth of the market, major driving factors include the miniaturization of electronic devices that can be integrated into smart textiles for applications such as monitoring, environmental sensing, and communication, increase in defence budget by the several government bodies worldwide, and growing number of application of smart textile in military sector.

Despite strong growth prospects, the smart textile market in military sector does face limitations. Several difficulties faced by the market that is reducing the adoption smart textile in military sector are related to designing of the textile such cost of manufacturing, comfort and performance, and power consumption. The research and development is still in process to overcome these challenges. Some of the difficulties can also be related to storage of the uniforms, and software safeguarding.”

The report will answer questions such as:
• How is the smart textile market in military sector evolving?
• What is driving and restraining the smart textile market in military sector dynamics?
• What are the market shares of the application/ product type/ geography within the overall smart textile market in military sector in 2016?
• How will each application/ product type/ geography grow over the forecast period and how much revenue will these submarkets account for in 2026?
• How will the market shares for each e application/ product type/ geography segment develop from2017-2027?
• Which trends and developments will prevail and how will these shifts be responded to?
• How will political and regulatory factors influence the regional markets and submarkets?
• How will the market shares of the national markets change by 2027 and which geographical region will lead the market in 2027?
• Who are the leading players and what are their prospects over the forecast period?
• What are the predictions for M&A activity, consolidation for existing players and the potential prospects for new market entrants?

Five Reasons Why You Must Order and Read This Report Today:

1) The report provides forecasts for the global Smart Textile Market by Product Type, for the period to 2027
• Passive Smart Textiles to 2027
• Active Smart Textiles to 2027
• Ultra Smart Textiles to 2027

2) The report provides forecasts for the global Smart Textile Market by Application, for the period to 2027
• Health Monitoring of Soldiers to 2027
• Exchange of Information to 2027
• Environmental Sensing to 2027
• Thermal Regulation to 2027
• Location Identification and Protection from Threat to 2027
• Ultra Smart Textiles to 2027

3) The report provides forecasts for the global Smart Textile Market for the following regions and countries, for the period to 2027

North America
• US to-2027
• Canada to 2027
• Mexico to 2027

• UK to 2027
• France to 2027
• Germany to 2027
• Rest of Europe to 2027

Asia- Pacific
• China to 2027
• Japan to 2027
• India to 2027
• South Korea to 2027
• Rest of Asia-Pacific to 2027

Rest of the World
• Middle East to 2027
• Africa to 2027

4) The report includes detailed SWOT Analysis of the Smart Textile Market in Military sector to 2027

5) The report provides market share and detailed profiles of the leading companies operating within the Smart Textiles for the Military Sector market:
- BAE Systems Plc
- Mide Technology Corporation
- Intelligent Textile Limited
- Ohmatex Aps
- Koninklijke Ten Cate bv
- W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
- Schoeller Technologies AG
- Milliken & Company
- Outlast Technologies

This independent 164-page report guarantees you will remain better informed than your competitors. With 136 tables and figures examining the Smart Textiles market in the Military Sector space, the report gives you a direct, detailed breakdown of the market.