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Japan smart home market is predicted to be US$ 5 Billion by 2024, expanding at double digit CAGR. Government initiatives for infrastructure support, establishing common ECHONET Standard which supports HEMS devices and smart home policies are some of the major driving factors for the expansion of Japanese smart homes market.

Robust Urbanized Populace will enhance Japan Smart Homes Market
Japan is known as land of mountains which covers almost two third of the total land. Therefore, rest landmass is used to build house for the Japanese population. More than 90 percent of total population in Japan lives in cities, which provides the opportunities for the varieties of players such as consumer electronics manufacturers, house builders, housing equipment maker and communication manufacturers.

Japanese Government has set Common Standards for Smart Home Devices
For smart home equipments, the government of Japan has built common standards, for key players who assisted in the rapid expansion of this industry. Since we know that other Asian countries have no common standards and because of the lack of common standard, numerous consumers’ electronic manufactures and housing equipment maker have made their devices on various standards which have created integration issues. Accordingly, the Japanese government has established a common ECHONET Standard in February 2012.

In 2016, around 60% of market share is controlled by Home Automation & Energy Management
Japan smart home market has been categorized in 5 segments: Home Entertainment, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), Energy Management, Home Security and Home Automation. Home Automation and energy management has the collective market share of over 60 percent in 2016. Energy management is the primary focus area for the Japanese government since 2011 earthquake and home automation devices are helping to assist the ageing population in various ways.

Japan Smart Home Market, Volume, Forecast: Home Automation, Home Entertainment, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), Energy Management, Security Company Analysis: Panasonic Corporation, Secual Inc, Connected Design Inc, iTSCOM, Sony Corporation is a market research report published by Renub Research on smart homes market of Japan. This 72 page report with 29 Figures and 6 Tables studies the Japan smart home market from 6 view points:

  • Numbers & Forecast
  • Market & Forecast
  • Market Share, Numbers Share & Forecast
  • Market and Number analysis by (Home Entertainment, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), Energy Management, Security, Home Automation)
  • Government Smart Home Policy & Smart Home Product Certification Policy
  • Company Product Profiling of Japan Smart Homes

Product Category – Market & Numbers

  • Home Entertainment
  • Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)
  • Energy Management
  • Security
  • Home Automation

Japan Smart Homes 6 Company profile covered in this report

  • Panasonic Corporation
  • Secual Inc
  • Connected Design Inc
  • iTSCOM
  • Sony Corporation

All the Company in the report has been studied from 3 viewpoints

  • Company Overview
  • Smart Home Products
  • Initiatives / Development in IoT & Smart Homes

This report is useful for those who want to know

1. Smart homes market in Japan at present & its forecast
2. Present and forecast number of Smart homes in Japan
3. Smart Homes Product Category Market & its forecast
4. Key profiles of the smart homes players with an overview, number of smart homes products and initiatives in Japan smart homes / IoT.
5. Funding for Japan Smart Homes
6. Government policy towards smart homes/ IoT and products certifications