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"Failure Case Study: Est?e Edit", is part of GlobalData’s Successes and Failures research. It examines the details of and reasons behind the failure of Est?e Lauder’s Est?e Edit brand. It delivers the critical "what?", "why?", and "so what?" analysis to teach you crucial lessons that increase your chances of launching successful products, especially within an oversaturated marketplace.

After less than a year on the US market, Est?e Lauder’s sister brand, Est?e Edit, geared specifically toward Millennials, was abruptly withdrawn. This case study explores the nuances and behaviors of the Millennial demographic, and why the Est?e Edit brand failed to resonate with them.


  • Est?e Lauder’s core audience - mature females - felt isolated by this launch, geared specifically toward Millennial consumers.
  • Est?e Edit’s launch felt phony to the Millennial demographic, who seek and value authenticity.
  • Millennials value timely product launches that align with current trends on the marketplace, whereas Est?e Edit’s product range was vast and unresponsive.

Reasons To Buy

  • Reduce the risk of failure by learning from brands/products that have under-performed: failed innovation can severely impact profit and reputation.
  • Understand the relevant consumer trends and attitudes that drive and support innovation success so you can tap into what is really impacting the industry.
  • Gain a broader appreciation of the fast-moving consumer goods industry by gaining insights from both within and outside of your sector.
  • Access valuable strategic take-outs to help direct future decision-making and inform new product development.