Construction - Top Five Trends for 2018 and Beyond


The construction industry is experiencing change. Prefabrication, new technology, robotics, green buildings and consolidation are trends leading companies must stay ahead of in the near future to be prosperous. Having been accused of being reticent to change, construction is now ripe for development. Leading companies will increasingly use technology to improve the efficiency of operations, enabling them to create more with the same resources. Construction firms will also have to adapt to changing government policies which are geared towards sustainability. Trends are changing the shape of the industry and companies must adapt to keep up.

Key Questions Answered

  • What role is prefabricated building having on the market?
  • How will robotics change the building site?
  • What role will consolidation have?
  • Will ’green’ housing have an impact on construction?
  • How will advances in technology change how projects are created?


  • Explores the latest developments in construction
  • Looks at the impact of prefabricated building
  • Assesses the influence of new technology
  • Analyses the impact of consolidation

Reasons To Buy

  • 3D printing is one technology which is changing how construction companies create components. Complex shapes can be molded much faster and at much less expense than ever before, enabling firms to do more with less.
  • Consolidation will become a growing trend in the construction industry. Money from China entering the international market means smaller players must consolidate to compete against larger rivals.
  • Prefabricated housing is growing in popularity and is increasingly a section of the industry construction companies need to be players in. The scale of building, speed of construction and degree of complication is rising, forcing leading companies to adapt to a changing technological landscape.