Robotics is being adopted globally in various industries for automated applications. Among these robots, social robots play vital role in directly interacting with human beings. These social robots utilize several technologies from cloud computing, touch sensor, motion sensor, servo motors, facial recognition software, 3D cameras, computer chips powerful operating systems and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to make robots appear and interact more life-like. The research report captures innovations in social robotics which could have applications in healthcare, retail/trade, hospitality and education. Some of the key applications of social robots include childcare, elderly care, interact/assist with customers in retail shops, entertain people in tradeshows/exhibitions, assisting human beings in day-to-day activities, assist hotel guests in delivering products and teach/coach children.

Key questions answered in the study:
  • What are social robots?
  • What are the needs for social robots?
  • What are the needs driving innovations in social robots for various applications?
  • What are the factors influencing the development of smart robots?
  • What are the region wise key players?
  • What are the key funding trends witnessed in the social robots space?
  • When is the key impact of social robotics?