WinterGreen Research announces the following study:  IoT Platforms for Telemedicine Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2017-2023

Healthcare stakeholders include payers, manufacturers, providers and physicians.   Telemedicine IoT platforms provide the technology that implement a framework for transition from disjointed care to coordinated care.  Platforms permit clinicians to be reactive to change in patient condition, permitting proactive care delivery. 

Needs to address technology developments including smart tools that implement digital connectivity of people to the physical world.  Digitization has led to the evolution of the use of sensors everywhere, as the sensors get put in place, networks need to accompany them so people can know what the sensors say.  Nowhere is this more evident in the evolution of telemedicine IoT device connectivity.  Clinical and patient adoption of telemedicine platforms represents a significant response to connectivity issues. Requiring integration of disruptive digital interventions based on technology requires use of a platform.