Unmanned autonomous robots are gaining prominence in the marine sector. Key trending applications include: autonomous surface vessels, unmanned underwater vehicle/robots, and shipboard robots. Automation in the marine industry largely enhances the efficiency of shipping goods.

Presently, research community is increasingly focussing in autonomous vessels and its applicability in the marine sector. Autonomous vessels will minimize human involvement and reduce shipping costs, while improving delivery efficiency of marine vessels. Robotic technologies for marine applications are largely leveraged by transportation and defense sectors. Robots will mitigate hazardous risks thereby increasing the safety of human personnel. Marine robots are used in off-shore oil and gas; investigation activities of the ocean, ship, and harbour maintenance; and in defence marine robotic vessels. Government funding is boosting development and adoption of robots for marine applications. The technology and innovation report aims to capture the impact of robotic technologies for different applications in the marine sector.

Key questions covered in the report:
• What is the significance of robots in the marine industry?
• What is the current scenario of automation?
• What are the key trending applications in the marine impacted by robots?
• What are key innovations driving adoption and who are the key innovators?
• How are patent and funding scenario boosting developments and adoption?
• What are the key factors influencing penetration of robots in marine?
• What is the future prospect for robotic technologies in marine?