Manufacturing, across the globe, is at the brink of a revolution. Advances in technologies are not only making manufacturing effective, but are enabling work to be “smarter”.

The focus of this research on edge analytics is to analyse the industrial manufacturing market from a technology standpoint. The report could be extremely helpful to the current set of market participants, which are looking at understanding what revenue opportunities can be obtained from the market and how to position themselves as thought leaders in this space. This report will also serve as a major point of reference for all other market participants that are unaware of the immense benefits of edge analytics or are on the verge of making a move towards adopting the technology.

What drives the need for edge computing and analytics?
Performance Requirements: Industrial IoT solutions often require rapid data insights. The transmission of large volumes of raw data increases latency; this is sometimes not even feasible due to poor or underpowered network connections. There are some cases where low latency is a requirement.

Opportunities for Data Pre-processing: Many a time, all the data generated by the solution is transmitted to the cloud for processing. Instead of sending raw data, transmission of processed data from the edge to the centre makes more sense.

Distributed Applications: As applications such as smart grids and pipeline monitoring could have high levels of distribution, edge analytics may be more suitable in this space.

This research aims to identify the various drivers and restraints impacting data analytics in the industrial manufacturing market globally. It sheds light on some of the key initiatives by competitors such as ThingWorx, IBM, and Honeywell.

Key questions the study will answer:
• What is the significance of edge computing in manufacturing and why?
• What are the drivers, restraints, and challenges that the industrial manufacturing market is currently facing in terms of IIOT adoption?
• What is the competitive landscape for edge analytics? What are the innovative solutions offered in the market?
• Are there any successful use cases of edge computing in the market?
• What are the growth opportunities for industrial edge analytics?